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This is what democracy looks like. It's a little messy, complicated and requires you take action. It's also a wonderful way to connect, be authentic and present you with a forum to get involved. Most important it's a way to have your eyes opened and learn that you can be proactive and play offense and give your support for state govt. Even if you live in a blue state... For example... Did you know that MA has statutes that make abortion illegal should RvW be overturned? I learned that Byron Rushing is sponsoring a bill that would protect legal abortion. He may be my new bff. I've got my mini mission... What to join me? #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike #whyimarch #istandwithpp #startsomewhere #sketchbook

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My heart breaks. How evil are you to step away rights and opportunities for children who are already feeling so vulnerable? I may not be able to identify, but I will fight however I can for you #equalityforall #notmypresident #whyimarch #revolution #protecttranskids #speakup #standwithgavin #lgbtqiarights

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My IG sistars! I'd like to invite you to take a few minutes to #AwakenYourSacredWomb . Just close your eyes, place your palm over your womb, take a few deep breaths and notice how you feel. Can you feel your divine feminine power? Would you like to know how? As women our wombs are our greatest source of power and yet very few of us actually know it, connect with it, or even understand how to harness it. Women are powerful beyond measure. I mean, our wombs give life! So why not learn how to tap into and use this power to fulfill our unique divine purposes in life? I know I want to, and I can't wait for @amyramah 's workshop this Saturday! _________________________________ If you are in Nairobi, there are only 10 sacred spots for 10 sacred women like you, so if this resonates with you, please contact @AmyraMah and pay to book your spot. If you know other sisters that might benefit from this, please pass this along. I @zawadinyongo can testify that every single one of Amyra's workshops and circles is profoundly magical and deeply transformational (No matter where you are, check out her website for amazing online resources). She is a true *#VesselOfPower * (Download the free meditation guide #ZeroByZawadi co-created on her website and start manifesting magic in your life today ) _________________________________ A workshop by Amyra Mah to deepen your relationship with your feminine self and uncover the healing & manifestation powers of your sacred womb. This sacred, soul-aligning immersion is an opportunity to heal issues related to your womb or being female, as well as releasing old, limited beliefs, deep fears and spiritual pollution that hold you back frombeing your true, divine self.  Date: 25 Feb Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm Location: No. 23 Donyo Sabuk Avenue (Off General Mathenge & Peponi Roads) Ksh 10,000 Book via 0790406777 or Full detailshere: _________________________________ #30DayzOfLove #ZeroByZawadi #DivineFeminine

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PSA: Read the graphic novel March, chronicling a good chunk of the part @repjohnlewis played in the Civil Rights Movement. Day 298.

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Congressman John Lewis speaking about MARCH, the award winning graphic novels about his life. He was joined by writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powelll. The auditorium at @benaroyahall sold out so I attended the simulcast at the @seattleartmuseum and then ran over to meet the congressman at the book signing. What an inspiration! #johnlewis . . . . #seattle #congress #congressmanjohnlewis #womensmarch #whyimarch #resist #resistance #nobannowall #protest #socalledpresident #march #book #booksigning #artist #writer #malaykagormally #seattleart #laart #sfart #nycart #london #civilrights #blacklivesmatter

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#Repost @vagarchy with @repostapp ・・・ "Kids of color 'should be talking about toys,' not politics" You can find this article on CNN Money. It's about how kids who have been exposed to an increase in racist remarks and attitudes are experiencing anxiety, nausea and more I agree with the sentiment - that kids (of any color) shouldn't have to worry about such things but I also don't believe children need to be sheltered or coddled as to what is going on in the world. I don't think that raises well informed and adjusted adults. But I'll talk about that at another time The fact is kids of color never had the privilege of not worrying or thinking about these things I was in elementary school in the 90's and every year there were at least one or two kids who would ask me "what are you?" or told me "go back where you came from!". My husband, who was born in New York and whose parent's migrated here in the 70's, also experienced being bullied in this way I always found these questions weird and even more odd when it came from a fellow kid of color. Like obviously I'm a human and I came from my mother just like all other humans. Oh, and I was born in California My mother was born in Africa and though her parents had migrated from India I was a bit too young to understand all that. So I remember telling the kids in my third-grade class that I was Indian and pretty sure part African (hahaha) When I got home I asked my parents and they lovingly laughed at me while they explained that I was fully Indian and that there are immigrants from all over the world in America who have come to make a better life and although I was born in the United States I was also Indian and that was okay (( Although a trip to India when I was in High School quickly taught me that I didn't belong there either. )) More on our Facebook page bc Instagram has a character limit. Whoops haha Artwork by @thekeythief ... #nohatenofear #noban #refugeeswelcomehere #muslimban #ladyliberty #landofimmigrants #fdt #notmypresident #resist #rebel #revolt #womensmarchonwashington #womensmarchLA #womenprotest #womensmarch #whyimarch #whyineedfeminism #advocate #protest #riseup #bridgesnotwall

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