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better to live 1 day as a wolf than 100 as a sheep. Big love and respect for the Underground MMA team

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Perfection is a myth. Everyone is going through something. It's called life. Someone else's life may seem perfect from afar. I guarantee if you look deep enough you will see they experience pain, struggle, insecurities and fear just like you. What makes a difference is how you handle your "mess". Look for the message in your mess. Whatever you are going through or have gone through is for a reason. There is a lesson to be learned so you can make a stronger comeback. The world is not against you. It's for you. The sooner you face your mess the sooner you will FEEL better. Yes, it can be overwhelming. One. Step. At. A. Time.

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Take whatever stands in your way head on. We must do this especially when "It's not our fault" When you place the blame on your mother, or your job, or what someone did to you, Not only do you relieve yourself of blame and accountability, BUT you remove YOUR POWER to remove it. You make yourself believe that must go up against this nameless, faceless thing that is completely out of your hands, And you can NEVER win that way. Take responsibility over EVERYTHING that is holding you back. #inspiration #motivation #boxing #ufc #mma #bodybuilding #champion #fighter #MakeItHappen #Greatness #WarriorSpirit #Vision #ThoughtsBecomeThings #LetsGetIt

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Great morning and Happy Saturday. Thanks god I'm alive , don't forget SMILE#behappy #enjoythelittlethings #thinkpositive #believeinyourself #nofilter #goodvibesonly #beyourself #warriorspirit

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"On the path to enlightenment you will stumble upon your true self. It's up to you where u go from there" #enlightenment #enlightened #warriorspirit #meditation #hoodie #peaceful #walks #govegan #vegan #veganstrength #innerpeace

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That Look right before You snatch the enemy off the frame especially after GOD just showed you something powerful in HIS WORD!!!IJS JESUS GOT YA BACK!!! SOME PEOPLE YOU GOTTA LEAVE BEHIND WHEN THEY CANT RESPECT THE GRIND!!!

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