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Got 2 out of 3 ordered books today ️#thriftedbooks

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- Golden oldies - Deze week vroeg Cisca @ciscreates me #widn . Bedankt voor het vragen Zij was mooie onderzetters aan het haken voor een handwerkochtend in het bejaardenhuis. Wat top dat je dat doet! Ik was deze week bezig met werk, vandaag een dag hulpouder bij de Koningsspelen; heel leuk en ben vanavond lekker even aan het neuzen in oude ariadne's van de buurvrouw, borduurboekjes die ik op MP opsnuffelde en heb nog een ultra schattige breitas op de kop getikt. Fijne vrijdag dus . Wil je ook delen wat je aan het doen bent? @byguusje @hildehaakt @marikegr ? No pressure . - This week sweet @ciscreates asked me #widn . After working this week and joining the kids today at the Kingsday-games, I'm now enjoying a lazy evening, scrolling through old embroidery books. Hope you have a nice evening aswell! - #flowerembroidery #embroidery #ariadne #thriftedbooks #petitfleurs

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Avrò dei problemi io.. ma a me questo libro, del quale ho sentito parlare per anni, è sembrato decisamente sopravvalutato. Chi lo ha letto? Cosa ne pensate? #alanbennett #lacerimoniadelmassaggio #adelphi #leggere #leggerechepassione #placestoread #ioleggoperche #lettura #bookworm #readersofig #readingissexy #libriusati #thriftedbooks #narrativa #pasquetta #atthepark #greengrass #blueskies #leggeresempre #leggerefabene

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Just finished watching #13reasonswhy it provides even more weight to #booksnotbullies don't let your story be untold. if you need help, there's no shortage of people who are willing to listen even when it doesn't seem that way

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The Brontë sisters started my love affair with reading oh so many years ago

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Thrift Haul: Part 2! So, been procrastinating on doing stuff that needs done, and, have instead been driving around all day and since there was an open parking space right in front of the Salvation Army thrift store I pulled in, which was worth it for no other reason than the FRANKENSTEIN-THEMED Red Cross blood donation shirt! Also got a shirt for work, more vintage bric-a-brac and 2 more books, but, we won't talk about that. #frankenstein #frankensteinsmonster #thrifting #secondhand #vintage #tigers #usedbooks #thriftedbooks #cantstopbuyingbooks #rainbowrowell #crimefiction #cooltshirt #redcross #salvationarmyfinds

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Anyone else SO glad this Monday is over?! Decompressing tonight with Oscar Wilde's wit

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In an effort to read more (new) books (I reread my favs a lot) I picked up the gatehouse for .50 I've never read anything by Nelson DeMille and I'm really enjoying the style. If anyone wants to join me in reading we can start up the ol book club again 🤓 _____________________________ #lazysunday #thegatehouse #nelsondemille #firstread #bookclub #readmorebooks #thriftedbooks #novelsof2008 #crimenovel #fiction

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Happy Easter! Hope your day is full of chocolate, bunnies and books . I have the full Harry Potter collection already but I found this incredible cover version in a charity shop and it was 2 books for £1 so I couldn't just leave them behind (perfect condition as well) . I can't wait to start The Prisoner of Azkaban soon, hopefully I'll manage to pick it up in April! What's your favourite Harry Potter book?

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Filling my cup with words instead of caffeine tonight...

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One of the OG prophets of moroseness #edgarallanpoe

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I buy a lot of used books. Inside the books, I often find bits of paper, receipts, bus tickets, Post-its, and any scrap of life you can stick between 2 pages. Today, I found this bookmark! Exactly my goal every time I'm reading a book. P.S. It is very difficult to find any of these things inside a kindle or a nook #bookmarks #thriftedbooks #bookstagram #escapetheordinary #readabook #2017readingchallenge

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Tonight I'm ditching my usual red and going blue for #booksnotbullies Growing up I was the gangly smart girl and kids weren't always the nicest. Books were my escape from the realities of life. It hurts my heart to think of fellow book lovers being bullied on #bookstagram Proud of the girls who started this movement #nobulliesallowed #nohatehere

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This book was recommended to me and I love it!!! I normally wouldn't count a personal development book in my #20booksinayear as I read plenty on the side but this one personally has much more depth than first appearances. I've already filled plenty of pages in my notebook with ideals and visions I thought I could never articulate into words. #studysession #number8 #readingispower #governingvalues #selfcaresession #thriftedbooks #personaldevelopment

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