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“Without nature, humans can not survive but without human than nature will just fine.” - Elgyzel Glen Ndjukambani @big_souldja23

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One of the most visually distinct bridges in Portland, Oregon the Steel Bridge built in 1912 rises like an epic-scale erector set over the Willamette River. Connecting Old Town Chinatown (west side) and the Rose Quarter (east side), the Steel Bridge’s double-decker construction allows for a diverse spectrum of traffic: automobiles and MAX light rail trains ride up top, while the lower deck accommodates freight cars, Amtrak, pedestrians and cyclists (It’s no wonder The Oregonian called it the hardest working bridge on the river.) * * * * * * * * * * #adventurethatislife #cntraveler #killeverygram #meistershots #awakethesoul #exploringtheglobe #heatercentral #vzcomood #shoot2kill #createexplore #pacificnorthwest #lifewelltraveled #lensbible #agameof10k #aov10k #ourmoodydays #gramslayers #trappingtones #tv_lovelylanes #excellent_structure #mkexplore #travelportland #pdxavsquad #downtownpdx #be_one_bridges #loves_bridges #bridges_of_our_world #total_bridges #tv_bridges #puentes_bridges

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We haven't always been inseparable but in the last ten years or so we've grown out to be. We've had our ups and downs on the way, as every proper rollercoaster does. But turns out now I can't even go a day without speaking to you or decide what to have for dinner without your help. Some might say I'm a little too dependant but what's life with only half a heart. No matter where we are I find home within you. Life is simply better when we are together. You bring out the best in me and with you I see the world differently. You make me want to climb mountains and run wild, take risks and chase my dreams passionately. You never cease to amaze me and day after day continue to be my biggest inspiration. Thank you for always being there for me. I don't know where I would be without you and I don't even wanna find out. So let's never split okay?

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Quick layover trip to check out a wonder of the world? Why not?! 🤷‍️

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I don't always go to the edge of the world, but when I do, I make sure to take stylish pictures of my vehicle

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Pour composer un son. Regle n°1 : Trouver un endroit inspirant

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Ayyyy - Plaza de España

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Birubi (2017)- A few days I headed out to Anna Bay to try and find an image with no success. Sand dunes for as far as the eye will see makes for an amazing landscape but one difficult to compose. This morning I decided to head out fueled with bacon and egg mcmuffins and coffee and allow extra time to find some interesting subjects. This is one of the images I shot today. It a 8 frame Pano , Enjoy

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Most people don't realize that Cambodia has such beautiful beaches. The island of Koh Rong Samloem is a small piece of paradise! #beach #tropical #islandlife #kohrongsamloem #cambodia

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| Charming ancient tombs hidden in the jungle | #vietnam

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Aside from yoga 2x on my @soleyogaholidays retreat, yesterday's activities involved this cute bike and pottery shopping. My muscles aren't sure what's going on...

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