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one of my all time favorite songs was released 2 years ago today!! #CVGForever #TeamGrimmie

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#5 - CHRISTINA GRIMMIE In loving memory of Christina Grimmie (1994-2016) #photoshop #painting #mdpaguio #teamgrimmie #cgforever #christinagrimmie

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A little green theme going on! she's so beautiful!!!! #christinagrimmie #grimmie #idol #rip #ripgrimmie #teamgrimmie

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I miss you beybi I wish I could meet ya in my dreamsssss #TeamGrimmie #TeamGrimmieForever #CGForever #ChristinaGrimmie

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credit to @therealgrimmie ,@happlesful ,@lauren.longo ,@grimmieinourhearts :Awhhh her song on the radio! #christinagrimmie #grimmie #christina #ripchristina #teamgrimmierawwks #ripchristinagrimmie @happlesful @jarayalae :Awww,i really miss her.. @cvgxlove4ever :Where's the whole video to this? @annafcohen :ughhhhhh I miss her so much @sophie.grimmie :Aww she so so cute!! @charizardbetweenworlds :So Cute! @kendratorgerson :Oh goodness she's adorable... It's not fair such a wonderful soul had to be taken so early... I miss her.. @fine_mess_72 :I always love to see how She reacted when her song was player on the radio. It's so sweet and genuine . Miss her so much. @amariaelena21.mb :Che carinaaa @joseey9449 :were do you find this video? @grimmieinourhearts @gonerrurie :I saw her on tour with Selena Gomez @inmemoryofchristinagrimmie :How i found this video on Youtube? It's amazing @seven.spoons :Omfg i love this video. I miss her so much, wish we can go back to that time :"( RIP angel. It made me tear up @farhanaiyl :awww I miss her so muchh.. I remember the first time she went on The Voice stage @barbarafairy21 :so cute ! I miss her so much

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