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We always think of the worst possible scenarios, am I right? But WHAT IF only the best things happened today?Write down some "what if..." things you would love to happen today! Instead of saying this "WILL" happen which probably convinces your mind "ha yeah right!" opens you to the possibility of it happening. "What if this happened today?" "What if I achieved this amazing goal" "How great would I feel?"Good things are going to happen. Life is working in favour of YOU.

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​ DAILY {BRANDING} TIP → CONNECT FIRST If you’re investing a ton of energy into CHASING people, with little or no results to show for it…what’s missing in your marketing is the KLT factor. KLT = Like Know + Trust. In the old days the little guy (or girl) didn’t stand a chance against big brands. They had HUGE budgets and marketing depts, ad agencies and PR firms. Now consumers have A LOT more choice and don’t want to buy from big corporations. They want to buy from brands that speak to their particular needs (ie YOU!). They want to connect with brands that stand for what they stand for, believe in what they believe, and have similar values. This is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for coaches, creatives, and healers to speak directly to your DREAM CLIENTS and address their needs and pain points and how you can serve them. Never before have we had such an amazing space to build a deep bond with our tribe! Genuinely be interested in your tribe and share value, value value! To get more FREE tools + tips click on the link in my bio!

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The awakening movement has begun. Collective consciousness is blossoming to new levels. To be truly effective as consciously awakened and empowered self-realized creators we need to stand and operate in our full power... our innate divine sovereign godselves. If something else is sucking your energy, robbing you from ascending above suffering and living your Holy Yes inspired purpose - then you are holding yourself back by giving your power away. Clean out the parasites, toxic relationships, self defeating patterns, addictions, and negative thought patterns. Get free and awaken to the truth of who you are! #awaken #ascend #divinetruth #empowerment #starseed #godself #spiritualbeing #vitality #empoweredlife #wakeup #freedom #freeyourmind #familyoflight #manifest #create #magic

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One of the layers on a painting I've been working on. This layer is long gone but I took pics to share.

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