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If you're not at this point yet, have faith, you will be! . • • • • • #MarcySagorac #sayalittleprayer #peace #love #light #goodvibes

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This guy goes in for surgery in about 6 hours. Long drive, lots of paperwork but a full room service menu with no limits & no restrictions (until midnight) takes all the anxiety away. I left him full, happy & maple syrupey until the AM. I even pulled back the curtain with the swiftness and yelled at him to listen to the nurse and not be stubborn and got a nod of approval from her. Stanford Hospital is a class act. #sayalittleprayer #likeakidinthecandyshop #frenchtoastmakesitallbetter #somuchbutter

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Send out your good vibes today! The world needs them. Bright and shine! Good morning! Mahal, # #sayalittleprayer #thankyou #littlethingsinlife #outtoseizetheday

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