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The present state of the republick of letters, Volume 8. Leipzick, May 2, 1731. Gaius Plinius Secundus (23-79 e.s.) VII 56 (57), concerning letters _____________________________________ The first alphabet was created by Illyrians, and Roman writings are taken from Illyrian. ___________________________________ "The first that brought an alphabet into Latium or Italy, were the Pelasgians". (Gaius Plinius Secundus - Pliny the elder). ___________________________________ "Pelasgi first introduced letters into Latium"; "Pelasgian characters are more ancient than the Greek"; "Pelasgi were the first who introduced letters among the Greeks"; "Likewise the Pelasgian language is the fame with the Latin, afterwards called Roman; and the pelasgi probs. the founders of Rome". _____________________________________________ Picture 3: alfabeti Pellazgo-Ilir ne baze te sistemit diellor. (Pelasgi-Illyrian Alphabet based on the system of the sun/planetary system) _____________________________________________ Pokorny: "illyrians had invented a specific geometric writing system several thousand years before Sumerians" _____________________________________________ "Albanian is the only Indo European language that has preserved the archaic structure of proto Aryan language. Albanian adjectives and ordinals come after the stressed nouns. The law formulated in 1892 by J. Wackernagel, according to which unstressed parts of the sentence tend to occupy a position after the first stressed word normally situated at the beginning of a sentence qualifies Albanian as the oldest living Indo European language" _____________________ _____________________ #albania #europe #languages #romanliterature #germanliterature #europeanliterature #ancientorigins #albanianlanguage #autochthonous #books #quotes #shqip #plinius #pelasgians #illyrians #romans #greeks #sumerians #sanskrit #linguistics #indoeuropean

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I knew there would be other Roman writers of history I'd like better! Tacitus is way more my style than Suetonius. Plus, I got this beautiful old edition #book #bookstagram #instabook #bookworm #booklover #bibliophile #tacitus #annales #classics #classicalliterature #romanliterature #history #historiography #oldbooks

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Nunca tinha pensado no Eneias dessa forma, porque sou team Dido total (não superei o pius uir). Fiquei bem tocada. Como é bom revisitar as discussões sobre a Eneida à luz do maravilhoso Paulo Sérgio Vasconcellos. #aeneis #aeneid #virgil #latin #virgilius #romanliterature #latinliterature

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"Be patient and tough; one day this pain will be useful to you." ______________ Time for some Roman literature. It took me a while to get into Ovid, but it was inevitable for me to end up loving it as a classicist. The amount of stories stuffed into this battered book is astounding and I'm glad that I get to study it. Also I've seen that statue on the cover in the Villa Borghese and it's so magical and beautiful - sculptures are such a wonderful form of art. _______________ Q: what books have you enjoyed studying?

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Good morning/afternoon/evening it's nice and sunny here! What has everyone got planned today? I got a notification from Facebook saying Michael Grant is now one of my friends so that's cool * * * The book in this picture is a collection of plays by Seneca the Elder, which are basically grittier and bloodier versions of Euripides plays. The letter set is from Paperchase and I've only used it once but I'll definitely use it again soon! #bookstagram #books #bibliophile #classicalliterature #romanliterature #oneeditor #bookishfeatures #classics #eos

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“And now the measure of my song is done: The work has reached its end; the book is mine, None shall unwrite these words: nor angry Jove, Nor war, nor fire, nor flood, Nor venomous time that eats our lives away. Then let that morning come, as come it will, When this disguise I carry shall be no more, And all the treacherous years of life undone, And yet my name shall rise to heavenly music, The deathless music of the circling stars. As long as Rome is the Eternal City These lines shall echo from the lips of men, As long as poetry speaks truth on earth, That immortality is mine to wear.” Ovid - 'Metamorphoses' ️ Happy 2057th birthday Publius Ovidius Naso! Here are my beaten up copies of his famous Metamorphoses and Ars Armatoria which I studied in depth in uni. They are both obviously fantastic but my favourite work of his is his lesser know Heroides. The Heroides is a series of letter from the oft ignored perspective of the heroines of Greek literature to their lovers. It features letters from Penelope to Odysseus, Dido to Aeneas, Ariadne to Theseus and Medea to Jason amongst others. If you haven't read it, I thoroughly recommend it as a unique look into these women's lives. ️

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Cat is fascinated by Quintilian. (Glad that one of us is.) #phdstudent #phdlife #classics #romanliterature #catsofinstagram #cat

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Mariko Igimi's conference at the Law Faculty next Wednesday. #ancientrome #romanlaw #romanliterature #plautus

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Oi, livrinhos vermelhos da Loeb. Senti saudades :) #lendo #plautus #romanliterature

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