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Jlai entend Rappé Eh qu'est ce qui degoute on Dirait qu'ils ont 400 Rainte @officielacrim #rockefeller

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Next play- Don't Get Tired. Focus on the present. Dont dwell on what just happened concentrate on what's important, the next play. When good or bad happens = Immediately move on to the next play without concern of what just happened. If you linger on the past you can & will miss an opportunity to impact the game (life) in a positive way. If you Don't move on you could compound that mistake by either making another mistake or missing an opportunity to play at your best. You have a better chance at being the best you can be at the moment by focusing on the present and next play. You have to be tough enough to move on weather that play was good or bad. Next play helps you let go of fear. Forget your screw up, move on to make the most of the present. Take steps to not allow negative images in your memory bank. Purposely ignore negative thoughts. Address failure, analyze why it happened and take steps to aviod from repeating it. Use failure to motivate preparation. You are in control of the thoughts in your head, no one else. You are in charge of moving on to the next play. Stay in the moment and focus on whats in front of you. The most important shot is the one in front of you big or small. Once the shot is done, accept the results and turn your attention and concentrate on the next play. Tough Strong people let the last shot go and focus phenomenal on the next. Don't let any negatively stick. Trust that you can and will make the next shot better! Move forward in a positive direction and perform the next play the best of your ability. Create a habit of moving on to the next play immediately. "Those who stay positive in the moment will always be more successful than those who don't". Follow the rules to the game they'll help you make it through to my young nation- Messiah

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Gucci Backpack. Original Gucci GG Canvas with Brown Leather Trim.

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Only 24 days left until .... #nyc #newyork

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if i can make it here, i can make it anywhere 🇺🇸 | #newyork #rockefeller #concretejungle #dreamsaremadeof

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