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Mental health and substance abuse care today is a terribly blunt instrument. It's not entirely evidence-based and influenced too heavily by finance...and politics. The success rate is less than ideal. It can be heartbreaking. A lot of the people I took care of when I worked in mental health/detox, made an impression on me. Some kept in touch. It's a small community, folks who manage to stumble across help when they need it most. Those who benefit and experience a restoration are grateful for the most part. They share a camaraderie. they connect locally through social media and support groups. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody. Someone I was fond of died this morning. I just found out, scrolling through my Facebook, and I am sad. Rest in peace, my friend. The Quote is from #WaterShipDown by #RichardAdams , an incredible read for both children and adults, A tale of wandering, battle, and reaching the lives of a handful of #vagabond #bunnies . It always comes to mind when I feel grief for someone who has #foughtthegoodfight . #myhearthasjoinedthethousandformyfriendstoppedrunningtoday

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Happy Birthday Dad, I miss you every day! This is a crop of an illustration my father did in college (probably mid 1970s) of one of his favorite novels, Shardik by Richard Adams (author of Watership Down). #illustration #penandink #ink #bear #richardadams #dad

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Well, I managed 5% of that book I started yesterday, had to bin it, it was fucking awful. It was the worst type of chick-lit. So I'm reading a classic now instead #WatershipDown #RichardAdams

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WATERSHIP DOWN // Martin Rosen, 1978

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Book cover number two! I was going for a vintage vibe with this one. p.s, happy earth day everyone! Be kind to your fellow creatures today ️

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THE CHINA DIARIES #70 || My little treasures which reminds me of 2 months full of wonder... Last night we had our last dinner together to say goodbye to Alexia. It was a beautiful evening and she gave me her book, “Watership Down“. I am so glad and excited about it. I always heard about, but never read... Thank you Lexi for this gift, you can't imagine how touched I am. || The sticker with the face of famous Florian Engelhardt, who is one of the best in his job and works worldwide on international filmsets... We spoke in german to each other, had dinner and black beer and also share our guest-performance in the film... He is so down-to-earth (even when he has fan-accessoires of himself haha) and very funny. A man of switzerland who really made it. It was so nice to met a lot of great people. It motivates me to become a better person. || I got this mask on our last shooting day from a crew-member, so I couldn't wear when I needed it few weeks before. But it reminds me of pollution and that I was always blessed with clean air... until China happened. “The healthy man has many wishes... the sick one only one.“ I try to be thankful and take nothing for granted anymore. || The flowers are a present for Markus on his wrap-day. And they are also meaningful signs for our next big adventure and lifegoal... I will tell you in a few weeks what we are planning to do... || And the last, very precious gift is this antique coin from old china. It's from our friend and director Niu Han. Without him, we would never could make this experience. He is such a great, kind man and it is a honor to know him. To stay up late with him, see his personality, not just the professional hard-working artist... Wow. People and the memories with them are treasures, but this sweet, personal presents are a nice summary of what I experienced. The journey doesn't end. It has just began. Thank you for join me, I really appreciate to share my story with you instagram-guys. And even when my english isn't that good as it used to be... I could really see and feel a difference to first entry :) #filmproduction #filmmaking #diary #workandtravel #treasure #watershipdown #richardadams #flowers #experience

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Nel blog (link in bio) trovate la mia recensione di questo libro! Un libro per piccoli e grandi. Un libro che consiglio a chi ha voglia di vivere un'avventura.. con dei compagni di viaggio un po' diversi dal solito! @rizzolilibri #lacollinadeiconigli #richardadams #libro #book #bookstagram #rizzoli #recensioni #recensione

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My #grade4 teacher read #watershipdown by #richardadams to my class and I absolutely loved it. He instilled a love of #reading in me that continues 45 years on. #literacymatters #literacy #education #aussieteachers #teachersofinstagram

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