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A day of reflection is non compliant ..create your own atmosphere ..crack a door steal some sun ..burn some incense or whatever you like ..kick on the salt lamp up the sound brick with some tight music ..grab the satchel full of incomplete writings notes and journals ..slip into your soul and put the pen to paper ...Poetry is not the words we write ..they are the sum of the true poetry ..poetry is the motion of life ..the experiences the observations and inspirations ...Live it ! "..were tripping down a red dirt road, and we are asking is the way we should go , kissing soft top feet of our goddess, WE WALK THE EARTH YAH BABY WE GOT THIS ! ..focus and it's redirected , grateful and I'm resurrected , stubborn..but I know the way , your the skin on my drum to your rhythm I will sway, take my hand I won't lead you astray we will not go deadly into the darkest of days" Nahko #poem #poems #poetry #poet #poemsporn #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poetryslam #poetslife #poetrymonth #poetryislife #writer #writerslife #writersofig #author #authorsofig #life #spirituality #spiritual #reflection #wordsmith #wordsofwisdom

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We all need poetry because - Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them. so head over to the site and read the entries in our poetry contest and vote for your favorites ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT! -link in bio * * * * * * #poetry #poetrymonth2017 #poems #poetrycontest #poetryday #poetrygram #clothesfreepoetry #clothesfreepoetrycontest #clothesfreepoems #poetrymonth #nationalpoetrymonth

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One last gem at the end of #NationalPoetryMonth , from recent @aloudlaguest and award-winning poet Vievee Francis.

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Jose Chavez is here! Hes reading from his bilingual picture book of poetry, Estrellitas Y Nopales, Little Stars and Cactus. #bookstoreday #cellardoorbookstoreday #josechavez #poetrymonth #bilingual #spanish #storytime #guestauthor #authorevent #shopsmall #indiebookstore #shoplocal

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Real bodies. Tag everyone who’d get this. Repost w/ Credit xo ( i also have #shortgirlproblems )

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Brown girl, don’t be afraid of the sun. Let little brown girls have fun. Darker isn’t ugly You and your ugly standards better run . . . The book is #TheFountainhead by #AynRand and it has reinforced my drive for authenticity, art and grrrr raw sex. Amen.

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Celebrate #nationalpoetrymonth with Langston Hughes. Who’s your favorite poet?

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Happy National Poetry Month. Day 29. One more day before I close off this marathon of words. Here is a poem from my first poetry book, Keta-Miha. This poem is entitled: Vukić Part III. This poem was a pivotal moment in my emotional development. It's about life. About dreams. About running away from something you want to stick around for. But questioning it the entire time. This is one of my favorite poems to perform. I hope you enjoy reading it. You can support poetry and the arts by purchasing La Futura Tuga or X, Marks the Spot or Keta-Miha on Amazon or Kindle. And also check out other wonderful poets and artists, this month. #latinxscreate #poetry #poet #art #nature #life #poem #supportthearts #love #poetrybook #loss #people #nationalpoetrymonth #poetrymonth #people #ketamiha

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"give me raw conversation without... restraints. i yearn for something deeper, i long for understanding.” -r.h. Sin #bnspired #poetrymonth

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DAY 29 April 29th 2017. We're so similar, The sea and me. I sit on the promenade. Holding your hand, looking at the shore. Seeing how the sea changes its color from blue to yellow to orange to crimson to purple to black, Acting as a mirror for the sky to take pride in its beauty. Mixing hues and greys, Existing individually in the combined existence of the universe, Showcasing a series of wonders for the hungry audience, Who confine to the glory of the sacred matrimonial of the evening sky and the lovestruck shore. I sit on the promenade, Your fingers tangled with mine. Seeing the sea fall in love with the sky. And suddenly, I'm no longer me, I'm the cold, but humid breeze that touches your hair, I'm the salty taste of the air on your lips, I'm the drops of sweat accumulated on the roads of your collarbone, I'm the words of wisdom that find a way out of your mouth. I'm anything and everything you thought you didn't want, anything and everything you knew you didn't need. I'm sexual tension that fills the air when your fingers walk up my neck. I'm the fulfilled promise of tired hands and swelled knees. We're so similar, The sea and me. • of my love for you and the sea • #Day29 #NaPoWriMo #PoetryMonth

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