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non fiksi. GREAT DEPRESSION: Depresi Besar Ekonomi Amerika 1929 - 1939 dan Dampaknya Terhadap Kehancuran Ekonomi Dunia. Penulis : Dietmar Rothermund Penerbit : Imperium Tebal : 296 hlm. Harga asli 59.000 OBRAL : 23.000. #greatdepression #dietmarrothermund #bukupopuler #bukuklasik #murahpol #murah2 #paulkrugman #obral #obral_buku #sarangilmu

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Saving graces & pieces of American comfort #paulkrugman • [also just learned it's pronounced KrUGHman and not KrOOGman and I feel like the worse journalist ever]

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GREAT DEPRESSION: Depresi Besar Ekonomi Amerika 1929 - 1939 dan Dampaknya Terhadap Kehancuran Ekonomi Dunia. Penulis : Dietmar Rothermund Penerbit : Imperium. Tebal : 296 hlm. OBRAL : 20.000. Daftar Isi: 1. Pengantar 2. Tragedi Standar Emas Internasional 3. Dilema Utang dan Pampasan Perang 4. Produksi Hasil Tani Dunia 5. Asal Usul Depresi di Amerika 6. Penularan Krisis Ke Eropa 7. Turki dan Mesir 8. Reaksi Australia 9. Manajemen Krisis Kolonial 10. Peran Baru Negara Di Amerika Latin 11. Kontras di Asia Timur 12. Reaksi-Reaksi terhadap Depresi di Asia Tenggara 13. Nasib Afrika 14. Konsekuensi-Konsekuensi Politis Depresi 15. Dari Depresi Hingga Perang 16. Akibatnya Info dan Pemesanan: WA/sms: 085648666196. PIN BB: D7DF4B91 Line : @lsq4720r #greatdepression #dietmarrothermund #paulkrugman #obj #obral_buku_jogja

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20170417 ️簿記 工業簿記・原価計算(3)テキストp17~p35 ️英語 ラジオ英会話4/10 Eテレ・ニュースで英会話4/13 "Japanese Ambassador Returns To S.Korea" ️読書 「クルーグマン教授の経済入門 」 これを持って行ったらネイリストさんが無言になりました。実は再再読なので中は書き込みでぐちゃぐちゃ。この愛読書が端に写った写真は、産後ずーーーーーっとやってみたかった喫茶店モーニングです。オスロコーヒーのクイーンは、優しい酸味が美味しいコーヒーでした︎ #oslocoffee #krugman #paulkrugman #元クルーグマン信者 #いや今もか --------------------------------- Today we started Bento lunch! My daughter and my bento lunch boxes are quite simple. No Anpan-man, no Hello-Kitty. Even more than that, seasonal food and colorfulness are indispensable in our bento ︎ -------------------------------------- #english #bookkeeping #studygram

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Why confront #reality when #smokeandmirrors seems to bring better #media coverage? This brings us to the #Syrian missile strikes, about which #paulKrugman does not hold back: "Showy actions that win a news cycle or two are no substitute for actual, coherent policies. Indeed, their main lasting effect can be to squander a government’s credibility...The attack instantly transformed news coverage of the #Trump administration. Suddenly stories about infighting and dysfunction were replaced with screaming headlines about the president’s toughness and footage of #Tomahawk launches." The worst part is that the U.S. missiles did nothing to weaken the regime Trump blasted in a press conference for using chemical weapons against its own people (never mind that the week before he seemed uninterested in taking any kind of action). In fact, Krugman writes, "A few hours after the attack, Syrian warplanes were taking off from the same airfield, and airstrikes resumed on the town where use of poison gas provoked Mr. Trump into action. No doubt the Assad forces took some real losses, but there’s no reason to believe that a one-time action will have any effect on the course of Syria’s civil war." But one-time actions are Trump's specialty, and the pundits are rewarding him for it. He "becomes president" for simply reading a speech off a teleprompter. He's praised yet again for the missiles, as if a few strikes could compare. This, Krugman admonishes the rest of the media, is a dangerous path: "aside from everything else, think about the incentives this creates. The Trump administration now knows that it can always crowd out reporting about its scandals and failures by bombing someone." At the beginning of another week in our new reality, Krugman leaves us with this: "Real leadership means devising and carrying out sustained policies that make the world a better place. Publicity stunts may generate a few days of favorable media coverage, but they end up making America weaker, not stronger, because they show the world that we have a government that can’t follow through." If only anyone in charge were listening.

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"At #MIT I loved #microeconomics but hated #macro ...I found out 10 yrs later it was because my macro prof was #PaulKrugman . - Rep# ThomasMassie #MisesTX

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#Morning #News #Paper #PaulKrugman 첫문단이 가장 소프트하다 Article ends with the sentence: And the big question about Trumpism - bigger, arguably, than the legislative agenda - is whether unapologetic ugliness is a winning political strategy. #이름만바꿔서그대로써도될듯 #한국신문에서는절대볼수없을기사 #흐린아침 :(

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Interesting conversation with Economic Nobel Prize winning Professor Paul Krugman in the subway station! #OnlyinNYC #nobelprize #economics #professor #paulkrugman

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Sederhana bukan berarti bodoh. Berpikir bahwa hal itu, tidak. - Paul Krugman #kinerjapay #quotes #paulkrugman

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A obra prima de Isaac Azimov (autor também de "Eu Robo") começa com a Trilogia da Fundação. Um livro completamente visionário, vencedor de diversos prêmios, concorrendo (e vencendo) inclusive com Tolkien. Um must read para estar na sua lista! Paul Krugman, Nobel de Economia em 2008, disse que a trilogia é responsável pela sua carreira em Economia. Vale a pena conferir! . . #recomendacaodelivros #bookworm #books #livros #ler #leitura #bomdia #lerévida #azimov #isaacazimov #fundação #paulkrugman

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