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#Warning !Fellow men, as a Historian and a thinker, I make this post only to point out the pathogenesis and the historic falsification we undergo in the southeastern Europe. Phenomenons of #propaganda can be found all over the internet sponsored by extreme #nationalistic circles of pseudo Makedonism. The forgery of ancient and modern documents in order to brainwash & manipulate populations & to promote imperialism have no end. Here is an example of a pseudo #Macedonian #nationalist blog that scours historical texts for any "Macedonian" references and post it in multiple internet forums as a proof. The reference is taken from Thomas Gordon Frost book "The #European #revolution 1776-1867. The text on the top is croped and falsified in order to present a false impression. The text on the bottom is the original reference scanned from the book that the Scottish #Historian wrote during his travels in Eastern #Europe , #Balkans , #Russia and the #OttomanEmpire . #History In fact we live in post modern Dark ages.

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