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Our good friend @crandallart did this sweet illustration of the Great Fox King from our upcoming album Bone Crown. We have just one week left to raise the funds to make this album happen. We've crafted something we're really proud of and can't wait to share it with all of you. Be a part of this record with us. Link in the bio.

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7" vinyl of the Susanna Split is now available in select record stores and online at #sweetsusanna #camaraderierecords #1stvynil #MNmusic #Mplsmusic #folk

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We're entering the final days of our kickstarter. We need everybody's help to make it to the finish line! Link in bio to find out more. . Track 8: Bone Crown . "Just then, the Fox King leapt onto his throne, splattered in blood and feathers, with the mangled body of the still-living Owl in his teeth. He snarled, "How dare you defile my throne room?! You do not know the mistake you've made coming here, ape!" . Lyrics: He crafted his own Crown made of bone, wore it atop of his ivory throne with his scepter and sword and merciless boars. He ruled the dark woods that he used to call home. Each day his eyes grew a little bit wider and each night his mind grew a little more meek, till he slammed down his fist and said "No more survivors! Nobody rules the Dark Forest but me!" . Durry- "This is the title track of the album, and really the climax of the story. The music is dark and unstable, to imitate the Fox King's descent into madness as he destroys the forest rather then lose control of it."

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@thecurrent featured "What If I Run" in their Friday Five this week.... thanks for the love! --- LINK IN PROFILE --- #whatifirun #jessicamanningmusic #thecurrent #localcurrent #fridayfive #musicvideo #mplsmusic

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@amsterdambar651 tonight! See you there St Paul. We have just 8 days left of our kickstarter and the finish line is in sight, but we need your help to make it there! Link in the bio to find out more.

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