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This past semester of college has been hard, I'm not gonna lie. College when you are chronically ill is extremely challenging. I constantly struggle with simply forgetting about assignments until its too late to do them, or too late to do them well. My body is tired and my brain, even more so. I've pushed my body and fought my illness so hard this school year. The pain, the fatigue, the brain fog, I haven't let it stop me. I've gone above and beyond what I -or anyone else- thought was possible. I'm so proud of and thankful for how far I've come. But its been hard, and I need rest. My body needs rest. My mind needs rest. My spirit needs rest. Yes. I'm ready to let myself rest now. Just 15 more days until I can rest again. Don't give up. Fight your illness. Live life despite it. That's good. But remember that there are seasons when it can be good to simply rest, as well. I'm ready for a season of rest. #painsomniathoughts

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Sorry sorry sorry TICK! Can't stop creeping and crawling out of my skin. First Coyotes, now this? An Adult Male. Yuck! Check your fur babies and you, Michiganders. 🤢Sending in to be tested. My mother always says: "trouble comes in threes" This is officially 3 + 3. Say a prayer. Send me a bubble. Thank you. • • #awareness #tick #lymemichigan #lymeawareness #dogtick #lymedisease #americandogtick #northernmichigan

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I ve been given yet another antibiotic for my infection and was told it could be an issue with sun exposure. Anyone has experienced taking levofloxacin and beeing in sun? I want more of that

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OOAK Cran-Blueberry Pie Bars made from a heavily modified version of the Cherry Pie Bar recipe in The Healing Kitchen

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Just when I start smoking Brian goes, "Fuckin mollosk!" Wasted the whole thing! #lymedisease #slither #fuckyoubrian

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Lyme disease awareness pendants now available for sale$25 including shipping Paypal accepted! Limited quantities available #lymedisease #lyme #lymediseaseawarenessmonth #mayday #mayday2017 #ticksaredicks #myartpaysfortreatment #chickswithpiccs #bartonella #babesia

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Lest we forget...still a little fatigued from insomnia for dawn service, so I spent time this morning reflecting on our soldiers past and present, creating Lyme friendly #anzac cookies for breakfast with a dulse smoothie What you need: - 1/4 cup ground sunflower seeds - 1/2 cup almond meal - 1 1/2 cups oats (made in gf factory) - 1/2 cup shredded coconut - 6 dates, soaked and blended (using 1/4 cup of water) - 2 tsp pure vanilla essence - 2 Tbps coconut oil (melted) - 1/4 tsp bicarbonate soda ....... 1. Put all dry ingredients in a bowl and combine 2. Add dates and vanilla and combine through 3. Mix oil and bicarb together and then add to the mix 4. Combine all together and roll into balls and flatten out on lined baking tray. 5. Bake for 15 mins on 180C/350F 6. Allow to cool and enjoy - makes ~16 #lyme #lymefood #lymedisease #consciousdecisions #cleaneating #noexcuses #mylegacy #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #healthyliving #healthylifestye #cleaneating #eatingclean #healthychoices #balancedlife #cleansing #nutrition #healthyfood #healthybody #healthymind #anzaccookies #oursoldiers #anzacday

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Back in bed. Solid physical therapy sesh today has my upper back feeling some much awaited reprieve but this body's done. We hardly made it there glad my body got it together to make it. I needed my ribs adjusted in such a way. // My PT, who has followed me all 3 years of #mylymejourney just happens to specialize in neurological and degenerative conditions. She's been a godsend, & what's more is she's my Sister in Christ--how cool is that?? When I went to CA my LLMD said she had never seen a neuro case as advanced as mine still walking. I cried when she said that because I know it was Sarah. Sarah has always believed me. She's always listened. She worked with my body when no one knew where to even begin. When things were spiraling out of control and she couldn't help she set me up with lymphatic drainage, dry-needle therapy, and postural specialists. She encourages me to control my pain however I see fit. When I began to wither away and was left to die by my doctors, Sarah insisted I leave the state and seek proper care elsewhere. She's advocated for me even before I learned to advocate for myself. She's taken my body through the beginning stages of Lyme, a surprise pregnancy with Lyme, a botched spinal tap, my decline into a wheelchair, and so much more. She knows my kids names, she's watched me cry. // Today I walked into her office and she was such a joy to see. I told her what my LLMD said and thanked her, and cried some more. She showed me wedding photos and talked with #spooniespouse while she attempted to lower my shoulders and put some ribs back in place. She hurts me so good, and I am forever grateful for her. What an instrumental part of my treatment she has been. I can't wait to celebrate (& cry even more) with her at the end of this battle. I know it will be many years from now, but I know she'll be there. I know she'll continue to be one of the people who will make sure I get there. & I love her so much for that. #mylymetribe #lavenderandlyme #healingfromlyme #latestagelyme #neuroborreliosis #neurolyme #chroniclyme #physicaltherapy #bedbound #costochondritis #t4syndrome #pots #cfs #lymewarrior #chronicillness #chronicpain #loveyourmelon

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The Rising Above Lyme bar necklace This symbolic necklace features a sterling bar atop a "Lyme" green bead for an understated (and trendy ) reminder to keep Rising Above in your journey or to remember and support those you love who are. Plus, you can WIN it in the giveaway going on now! Be sure to check out the previous post to enter.

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Nothing's safe. 🤷‍️

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