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15/100 #the100dayproject I just had an eye dr appointment. Because things have been getting fuzzy. Especially when reading. And oh my how I love me some reading. The eye dr was super kind when I asked what was going on and he gently said well Myra, it's your age. When you get to 45. It's reading glasses time. Oh. OH! I love glasses. Do you have a recommendation for fun frames!?

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14/100 #the100dayproject We had the free HBO weekend and it's the big guys favorite time to check and see what horrible 80's movie will be playing. This time he surprised us with something from around 1984 called Cloak & Dagger. The boys found out they like it. It wasn't that bad. I found the right time to keep on trying procreate in the iPad ️

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13/100 #the100dayproject I made such a mess with this one that I took the big and little scissors to it. These were the only salvageable parts but once I cut them out all I could think about was playing with my paper Holly Hobbie dolls and changing her outfits. My Mom kept all my Holly stuff and now I keep my essential oils in my old Holly Hobby lunch box I keep by the side of my bed and it makes me smile each time I see it.

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12/100 #the100dayproject Dear @alexisrrrrr. I am sure you don't remember me. We met once. At the lovely @littleladyliv 's wedding some years ago now. I loved what your Instagram saying was this morning and hope that you don't mind I painted it! @kishemworld your beauties are the sweetest ever. I couldn't stop seeing their adorableness and had to try to capture a little. I know it's not a super on point portrait but I wanted you to know that you rock and so do your babes! I will gladly delete this if you would like. Just let me know.

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Day 10 & 11 #the100dayproject focus on & faces. Help a girl with an Instagram question that I have googled and googled and can't find an answer to. My Instagram constantly has a message in it. A little red circle with a 1 in it on my home screen. I click. Nothing. I tried direct messages and deleting messages it will not go away! Would anyone have experience with this and hook a girl up with the solution please?

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9/100 #the100dayproject yes. You're thinking right. She is way behind. Inevitable inevitably me. But keep on! Please. Don't believe the hype. @greenbeanbaby kept me inspired through last week when I just couldn't get a spare moment to upload. I finally tried out acrylic gouache that @randizafman recommended and that girl always hits the nail on the spot. She knows her art stuff. Thank you Randi

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8/100 #the100dayproject I like to eat cheese. So much of the cheese. I can't stop thinking of the large block of extra sharp cheddar sitting in the fridge downstairs. Calling to me. Slice me into sweet little slices and put me in a salty cracker myraaaaaaa. Just cut 5 slices Myra. Do it now.

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8/100 #the100dayproject so huge for me! 8 days in a row is a record and such a happy. Whimsical, bright faces. Do you hate them. Are they to out of shape or awful colors??

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Today I got back from the printer with the first example of my new childrens book: Matt the cat is lost. Get my first compliment from un unknown customer in a postoffice where I put the book on the counter for just one second :-) I wrote a short story about Pinka a flamingo who wants to dance. This is the cover of the book I have illustrated. ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ #art #instaart #instaartist #illustration #dailysketch #dailyillustration #book #mouse #children #lost #sad #adventure #kids #happy #life #love #photoshop #kidlitart #characterdesign #artwork #artoftheday #artchallenge #childrensbooks #cat #childrensbookillustration #kidlitdoodle #green #cats

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Playing with little deer this morning#kidlit #kidlitdoodle #picturebook

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