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CBS Radford Studios lot, geeked out when I realized I was walking on "Gilligan's Island Road", started scoping around, seeing if I could catch a glimpse of the lagoon before leaving...sadly, it got cemented over in the mid-90's. Goodbye, Little Buddy #cbsradford #studiocity #gilligansisland #justsitrightbackandyoullhearatale

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Next in my "Shit Philadelphians Do", steal a boat, strip said boat, and leave it under a bridge off Aramingo Ave. #justsitrightbackandyoullhearatale

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Rented a boat and spent a nice afternoon out on South Lake Union. The weekend just won't end, got some more partying to do tonight #timmandjo #rimeoftheancientmariner #justsitrightbackandyoullhearatale

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