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Our 7th Annual Derby Party is approaching! May 6 from 3-6PM at Tavern at Mission Farms. Guests will have opportunities to win prizes and show off their Derby attire! Come hungry because we have special Derby dishes and drink special. See you there! Visit our Facebook page for full details.

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Sometimes we deliver rush orders downtown together.

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I met up with my friends after work a couple days ago. It was a day of tending to a patient for 5 hours at bedside and barely stepping out of their room until they decided to finally send them to the ICU. It was a day of getting lunch at 5:30 pm and not caring as long as I knew I was doing everything thing I could for my patient and their family. It was mentally intense and my heart was heavy. I thank God for awesome coworkers who checked on my other patients and kept them safe. Passed meds and made sure my other confused patient didn't pull out his chest tube. It was one of those days, like the days that make you appreciate everything. My Pulmonary floor is awesome. They stepped right in and helped and kept asking me what they could help with. ️ I am so grateful to work with awesome friends and such compassionate people. And I am also so thankful for these two. No matter what's going on in life, family or good/bad circumstances, there's no better time with your friends to unwind and just be present. We had great conversations and enjoyed a very lovely visit at @cavakc. When I left the hospital every part of me just wanted to head home in tears, lay down and prop my feet up. But im so glad that I didn't. We shared lots of laughs and serious talks too. Lots of looking backs and remembering how crazy and dancing fools we were back in the day! Oh the memories of being the first ones to always be on the dance floor. And wearing our dresses and 5 inch heels. ️ I'm happy to hold on to these friendships. They are the best kind to have. Love you ladies. @jessica_mcclintick @zpoehlman. What a day At Ca Va I enjoyed a glass of Rose called Mount Noir that was infused with wild Strawberry and Watermelon rind. > Insert mouth watering now. The best! #nurse #nurselife #hospital #friendshipgoals #instakc #igkc #instafashion #fashion #food #kc #cavakc #bestofkc #fashion #grateful #rose #friends #instadaily #instakansascity #westport #rn #medicallife #winery #pinterest

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Well, it's official... we're 4 years old. That's like 100 in business years. We honestly couldn't have done it without you guys. So, to say thanks, we're ending our celebration with a bang. For the rest of the week, we've got an online sale going that's so good that... well, you're just going to have to see for yourself. #itwillneverhappenagain #gonow #hint #gold

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Chocolate Cake is the way to go. We're willing to share.

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Shooting photos for @covetedhome today and I'm pretty sure this place is the epitome of shop vibes.

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This moment was impromptu perfection On the blog!

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#MothersDay is coming up! It's never too early to make your Brunch and Dinner reservation. Follow the link in our bio and schedule some quality family time at Tavern!

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I really can't say enough how much I LOVE this session ️ I am so grateful for clients who roll with my craziness! On the blog! @krossiter109

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