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Tiha voda roni breg, rekla si mi davno..

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Beautiful things don't ask for attention..

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Oaxacan on Broken Glass @ Up & Up @therobeychicago. Pretty spectacular on a spring night up here watching the pouring rain & gusty wind. #InstaChicago #ChicagoDrinks

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Okay so I know there are probably bigger issues I should be worrying about, but the camera on my iPhone 7 broke randomly last night and I'm super sad about it I'm currently waiting for my follow up Genius Bar appointment for tomorrow :/ in the meantime, here's a pic of the delicious, OG open faced pork schnitzel sandwich I took at BOHO with my Canon. What a beauty, right?! : @bohochicago | River North

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Stressed to the Max. I wish it'd stopped raining. Here's a picture of the skyline from the Maggie Daley park. #home • • • • #shakeyhands #blur #chicagoskyline #nevertireofthisview #chicagogram #chicagophotographer #instachicago #photography #photographer #photooftheday #chicago #artsofchi #choosechicago #vsco

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My Ali's 6th birthday

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