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: December 2016 The fear turned tangible, a separate entity wrapping around my core with vice-like intensity. I vacillated between complete peace and absolute despair over the next few days. I would see Jubal do something adorable, something I love, and my heart would crack in two because would I ever see that quirk again? I kept reminding myself that technically, if North Carolina said no to our paperwork, really they only said no to our agency. And so maybe - maybe - it would work out as a blessing in disguise. I was just about positive this would be the case when a friend called us and said she felt as if we should be prepared for the worst. My heart careened off kilter and plummeted back into full blown grief. I broke down in the parking lot of On the Border, sobbing about how I couldn't lose him - couldn't lose our son. I paced the boardwalk all over again, prayers rising like incense in the space between night and dawn, the sun rising beside me, little lion safe in my arms. By the time Monday rolled around, I was spent in ways I never thought possible. I stood in the kitchen, washing bottles and singing Jubal to sleep when my phone rang. I swallowed and looked at the number - unknown. The agency is unknown when they call, I thought. But I was 6:30 in Austin and that made no sense. I let it ring and waited for the message that never came. A few minutes later, as soon as my head cleared about the call, I heard a siren kick into gear and approach the house. My heart skipped into double time and my arms lost their feeling again. I froze, waiting for the siren to pass, half expecting it to turn into the driveway. When it faded into the distance, I collapsed into a nearby chair and wept. I seriously thought they were coming to take Jubal. The implications of what these past few weeks had done to my confidence sank into my bones. We were all experiencing trauma. I knew the signs. I knew we couldn't live like this. I had an idea.

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I'll see you at Bookstock from 11 am to 3pm today! "Memphis Public Library’s largest author festival will return again for another year of carnival-style fun for the whole family! Bigger and better than last year, Bookstock 2017 will welcome more than 40 local authors to the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library. In addition to book signings and author talks, customers will enjoy live music, food trucks, cooking demonstrations, door prizes, face painting, arts and crafts for kids, a book-character costume contest, a scavenger hunt around the Library, and much more! For more information about Bookstock 2017, call (901) 415-2709 or visit our website:" #ChildrensBook #UpNorthDownSouth #CityFolkMeetCountryFolk #ColoringBook #ActivityBook #KatinaRankin #Author #Journalist #ChildofGOD #Blessed #Mississippi #NewYorkCity #Memphis #Amazon #Kindle #BarnesandNoble #BooksAMillion #Teachers #Gifts #fiction #weneeddiversebooks #paperback #shortreads #kidlit #bookbuzz #indieauthor #indiepub

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Finally! The Amazon Pre-Order Link is here! You don’t want to miss this! Forever Touched releases on May 21st, my birthday! Pre-order your copy today! A post on USA Today’s Blog indicated it’s one of the top pre-orders right now! So, let’s see if we can make this one birthday I’ll never forget! Pre-Order your Kindle copy today! Find out how Aria and Aiden’s story ends! My beta readers say it’s BEYOND EPIC! Hope you’ll feel the same! {Please Share} PRE-ORDER FOREVER TOUCHED! Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon AU: Amazon CA: #BookBoost #amwriting #bookreviews #bookblogger #IARTG #writing #indiepub #mustread #authorLillyWilde #TheUntouchedSeries #ForeverTouched #AidenAndAria

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Natasha has also written several acclaimed #wellness and #health #books winning praise from critics & readers like including her superb book Awareness which was inspired by her long road to recovery after suffering a terrible car accident at just 19 which left Natasha in a coma, suffering a Subarachnoid Brain Haemhorrage and jaw injuries, memory loss and many other after effects, Awareness reflects her to return to balance. It is an inspirational story of one woman's incredible courage. A woman who refused to accept what the doctors told her and a woman who relied on her inner strength and faith in her difficult journey and her long road to recovery. Natasha believes that nothing is impossible if you believe in it strongly enough and if you have real passion for what you believe in. Read more about NRD`s inspirational book The Awareness here: #inspirationalbook #MustRead #NonFiction #IndieAuthor #femaleauthor #IndiePub #Paperbacks #GreatReads #Storytelling #Books #NonFiction

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Natasha Rocca Devine has also had an extensive career as an author writing a series of high profile #books including the critically acclaimed #novel The Industry which tells the story of a small town girl with big city dreams who leaves her family and friends behind to head to the bright lights of a big city London to pursue her singing career. She desperately wants to be famous but what price is she prepared to pay? Following her intriguing story in NRD`s hugely entertaining #novel The Industry and read more about Natasha`s other books here: #author #writer #novelist #fiction #MustRead #Paperbacks #IndiePub #WomensFiction #AuthorRT #novel

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In the midst of the most difficult week of our life, we still attempted normalcy. Jubal had his one month appointment, so we decided to spend some time at Starbucks so we could have access to internet. It was the best day all week: we laughed, we felt hope, we planned Christmas at home (still holding out hope we'd make it back), and then while we were at Starbucks, Russ got a call from his dad. I was holding Jubal, and from the way Russ' shoulders fell, I knew something was going on - something unexpected and horrible. My gut twisted. When he got off the phone, he looked at me. "That was Harlan. Our case worker called him. North Carolina just denied our paperwork. They won't work with our agency." My arms went numb. I couldn't feel anything - my fingers grasped at Jubal's shirt, almost as if I were preemptively holding on tighter. I asked what this meant. Russ said he didn't know, and that Harlan said it sounded like our case worker was calling him on our behalf - like she could get in trouble for telling us this information. I told him I needed to leave. He nodded, understanding. I handed him Jubal because I was already shaking too much and crying too hard to hold him and not be at risk of dropping him. We still needed food, and we still needed diapers and formula. We decided to do Target first. Russ looked at me. "Do you just want to stay in the Subaru while I go inside?" I stared out the window, nodding, unable to speak. I had no idea what this meant, no idea what our next course of action was or how in the world we'd get out of this nightmare. I texted Mama Rad and told her something happened, "I need to tell you over the phone." I still couldn't feel anything. I still couldn't breathe. We drove around after Target, trying to find a place to eat. I told Russ I couldn't decide on anything and that I didn't know if I would even be able to force something down. I couldn't stop crying - everything felt so broken, so irreparable, and every time I looked at our son my heart broke a little bit more because I couldn't imagine losing him. It felt like we'd been pranked. All four of us. Even still, I kept hearing in my core, "I am pushing back darkness."

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Sent my book off to my readers and as I'm sitting here going through it again I'm still finding things to mark up. Editing is a never ending process. Lol.

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"Offbeat, emotionally engaging, and authentic." -Kirkus Reviews -- Outlandish is the ultimate escape for the outlandish individual. Dive into the charming story of Archibald Plumby, the man who lives under umbrellas. "Archie of Outlandish" is available now in paperback and kindle ebook on Amazon! Find out more at the link in our profile. . . . #bookstagram #review #books #bookworm #outlandish #charming #lovestory #writersofinstagram #writer #indie #indiebooks #indiepub #love #california #monterey #read

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Spending some time on Pinterest

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Don't you just love it when a quote jumps out at you on page 2 of a new book? #wordsthatwork

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Tiny Gandalf accurately depicts how I'll spend my weekend after cranking through TWO book projects under tight deadlines. #amediting #indiepub #bookpublishing #publishing #bookeditor #gandalf #weekendvibes

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Recently completed book cover. What do you think?

If you would like a cover designed, visit link in bio for full portfolio and pricing.

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