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[Tape3, SideA] Justin or clay ? . Clay #13daysof13rw

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Hey, I'm sorry for not posting for the past 4 days. There is honestly no reason at all. I've been a little sad past 3 days but don't worry I'm fine. I know this is not a good picture but I had to post something. Sorry for letting you guys down.

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13 Reasons Why has opened many peoples eyes, but for me it was like watching my life on a screen. I saw myself in Hannah Baker because i've been through the same what she's been through 1. I've been bullied like Hannah Baker 2.I've had friends stab me in the back, like Hannah Baker. 3. I reached out for help, like Hannah Baker. 4.I've blamed myself, like Hannah Baker. 5. I've had my own Clay Jenson, like Hannah Baker 6. I've disappointed my parents, like Hannah Baker. 7. I've gotten hate, like Hannah Baker. 8. Suicide was not the first thing I went too, like Hannah Baker. 9. I kept a journal, like Hannah Baker. 10. I've cared about people who didn't care about me, like Hannah Baker. 11. I shocked people with my issues, like Hannah Baker. 12. I've had my heart broken, like Hannah Baker 13. I've tried to commit suicide, like Hannah Baker. #thirteenreasonswhy #13reasonswhy #staystrongweloveyou #clannah #hannahbaker #clayjensen #dylanminnette #katherinelangford #otp

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