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Contributors @leannbowen and #KirbyHowellBaptiste traveled to #NOLA to campaign for #FosterCampbell . Read part one of the trip on and sign up for our newsletter for more exclusive content.

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via @lolakirke - A friendly reminder from me + @playboy ! The LOUISIANA SENATE RUNOFF IS TOMORROW! There is still one senate seat up for grabs and #democrat #fostercampbell could take it. But he needs our help--please join me in making calls to Louisiana voters today. Link to phone bank in bio! (Photo magic by the @yourgirlchuck )

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Damn. #fostercampbell Thank you to all who voted and to those who supported Foster Campbell.

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John Kennedy defeats Foster Campbell for Louisiana's open U.S. Senate seat #LAsen #johnkennedy #fostercampbell #vote #govote #geauxvote

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Long day of canvassing. Not the results we want but determined to always continue to do the work regardless. It's important to remember that we are not in a position to be picky. Our job is to work. To educate. To pull in who we need and demand that they become better. Our government does not provide perfect candidates. In order to get the people eventually that are closer to what we hold dear we would have to do the ground work. That include walking, canvassing, calling, donating, and not giving up just because we lose. Remember that because next year we prepare for midterm elections. #FosterCampbell #Senate #GOTV #StrongerTogether Photo by David our server. Support working class people.

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Don't forget! I almost did! #FosterCampbell

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Did you know that we're the last state to choose our Senate seat? And that you have til 8pm to get to your polling place? How about: If Foster Campbell were to win, it would change the makeup of the Senate from 48 Democrats - 52 Republicans, to a tighter model of 49 Democrats - 51 Republicans...? Get out there, y'all! #fostercampbell #itookaselfieforthis #andleftmywarmhouse #YEStodrainagemillage #livingwithwater

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Last day to vote. You have til 8pm! #fostercampbell #nola

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There's still time! GO VOTE #louisiana #vote #fostercampbell

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I hope you all voted today!! And yes, I'm wearing a bat shirt in December! #vote #Louisiana #democrat #dems #louisianadems #fostercampbell

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One more time, Louisiana! Polls are open for a couple more hours. #fostercampbell

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