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Watercolours sky tonight

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It's unreal how many bald eagles I saw ON THE DAY OF THE SPRING EQUINOX #hellospring #springequinox #firstdayofspring #ostara #ariesseason #baldeagle #minnesota

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I am happy that I got to capture the true love of the people that I worked with so far ... I go through the whole story while living it with them in one day.. that day where all those years and dreams comes to life and I get to actually live it with them .. yes I do cry behind my lens feeling their happiness and if the bride starts tearing I will be half tearing but when the dads tear, oh boy not sure what I'm doing at that point ... I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm so happy doing what I love knowing that it is for a purpose, not sure why I picked weddings. Now I know, maybe my name actually means something it is joy and I actually capture the most joyful moments in people's life for that I'm grateful :)

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Birds in slippers

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Obsessed today is just get a plant from every store kinda day it's about time

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Shout out to all the mom bosses today! This great print is by @redpaperboutique

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Весна пришла!!! Урааааа!!! Ох, пина колада в ананасе просто восторг#счастьеесть #весна #firstdayofspring

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