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#Repost @jane_doe7x ・・・ How can anyone oppose veganism when this is the alternative? The fact that people even try to defend this astounds me. I guarantee that the large majority of non vegans would be upset if they saw a cow, a chicken, a pig etc being stabbed in the throat in front of them. Yet they pay someone else to do it behind closed doors on their behalf. Behind the slaughterhouse walls where every worker on the kill floor is desensitised to violence. Where they are all told on day one to view the animals as objects. People actually try to convince themselves that humane slaughterhouses exist. Facilities constructed for the sole purpose of murdering animals, draining their blood, slicing the skin from their bodies and hacking them to pieces. Every animal that is exploited, eaten, worn and experimented on feels just as we do. They feel emotionally and physically. Ask yourself honestly, do you really believe it's morally acceptable for animals to be exploited, tormented, beaten and violently killed for food and clothing we don't even need. Just because you like the taste of their flesh and secretions. Killing animals for pleasure and greed is morally wrong, whether you're a trophy hunter, a dog fighter, a bullfighter, a poacher or someone who eats/wears animal products. Paying to watch innocent dogs rip each other to shreds for pleasure, is just as bad as paying a worker to beat, electrocute, painfully gas, mutilate, stab in the throat, and hack apart the bodies of cows, chickens pigs etc. You're still paying for needless and horrifying acts of violence to be inflicted on innocent animals. If you believe it's wrong to hurt animals then you already believe in going vegan. Ask yourself are you ok with paying someone to be violent to animals? Any morally decent person will say no. The human race needs to go vegan. Reject violence. GO VEGAN EDUCATE OTHERS SUPPORT @torontopigsave @torontocowsave @torontochickensave @manchesterpigsave @cardiffanimalsave @nottinghamshireanimalsave #vegan #steak #beef #pork #bacon #meat #mcdonalds #burgerking #pizzahut #kfc #whyvegan #janedoe7x #feminist #cuteanimals #fur #jamieoliver #foodshare #meatloaf #chelseahand

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Having your hair done, Violet-style. Violet the baboon LOVES volunteers and likes to get to know them by inspecting their hair and undertaking some personal grooming. Make an appointment for a restyle at the Zimbabwe Animal Sanctuary: #volunteer #zimbabwe #volunteering #wildlifesanctuary #responsibletravel #baboon #animalsofinstagram #violetbaboon #cuteanimals #gapyeartravel

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Floop ------------------------------------- #Rabbit #bunny #animals #rabbitsofinsta #cute #cuteanimals

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You are so fluffyyyyyyyyyyyy #fat #fluffy #racoon #cuteanimals

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HOW MANY PEOPLE WOLLEN COMMENT ANGRILY AND STILL CONSUME ANIMAL PRODUCT TOMORROW? I CAN TELL! DUMBASS MOTHERFUCKERS!! #hypocrites Mercy for Animals carried out an undercover investigation at Conklin's dairy farm in Ohio, which ran over the course of four weeks. The footage revealed worker Billy Joe Gregg viciously punching fragile calves in the face, body slamming them to the ground, pulling and throwing them by their ears and stomping on their heads. Routinely using pitchforks to stab cows in the face, legs and stomach. Maliciously beating restrained cows in the face with a crowbar, some attacks involving 40 blows to the head. Twisting cows' tails until the bones snapped. Punching cows' udders. He bragged about stabbing, dragging, breaking bones and beating calves and cows to death. Gregg was sentenced to 8 months in prison, ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and was banned from contact with animals for three years. His boss, Gary Conklin, was filmed beating downer cows but he went unpunished because he claimed he had to do it to get the cows to move. This is not uncommon. Why does the idea of innocent animals being beaten upset you, but slitting their throats is acceptable? Reject violence. Reject injustice. GO VEGAN EDUCATE OTHERS Support @torontocowsave @torontopigsave @torontochickensave @manchesterpigsave @nottinghamshireanimalsave @northwalesanimalsave @irishanimalsave #vegan #steak #beef #bacon #pork #meat #mcdonalds #burgerking #pizzahut #kfc #equalrights #feminist #janedoe7x #motherhood #mothercare #nursery #babyanimals #womensrights #recipes #jamieoliver #dairy #foodshare #cuteanimals #animalhopeandwellness #cutedogs #breastfeeding #benandjerrys #cadbury

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So cute!!! #koala

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Find out spankythepug`s Instagram %media_id% id preparation for the new stove and now a coordinating microwave that is arriving Saturday, mom has been installing all new cabinet hardware & is calling an electrician to do some under the cabinet lighting before she calls a tile guy to do a backsplash. She has also put a coat of polyurethane on a table our brother built us & got us some fancy dishes so we can look like we're enjoying fine dining even if the meal is less than fine. Essentially she is working very hard at doing everything BUT buying food and looking at recipes.

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An elephant never says “NO” to a mud bath on a sunny day. Aside from looking incredibly fun, mud baths serve a critical purpose for elephants. Under the harsh, African sun the heat and UV radiation can be deadly. Romping around in mud not only cools them down, but provides a protective layer to shield their body from the sun’s rays. Since elephant hair is fairly sparse on their bodies, they actually can get sun burnt; especially young elephants with sensitive skin. A striking photograph taken by Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne during a safari at Yala national park 🇱🇰 #jetwingecoholidays #jetwing #srilanka #wildlife #safari #yala #yalanationalpark #elephant #travelphotography #travelgram #travellife #travelbug #traveler #wildlifephotography #photography #cuteanimals #mudbath #wildbaths

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So cute Photo by @miu618 Tag your friends Via & Credit: Follow #naturallife .co

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