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Trying to meditate about 15 seconds by using super manual steadicam with a couple spiders porn. #connecttonature #connectto #meditation #thailand 🇹🇭 #spiders #15seconds #handmade

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While visiting Arizona we went to Sedona. Best way to honor and appreciate mother nature on Earth Day. Driving through Red Rock park was awesome. Each Rock have their own names. Was able to get two of them Bell Rock & Court House Rock. #latepost #earthday #arizona #sedona #redrock #coconinonationalforest #89A #nature #roadtrip #adventure #explore #outdoors #connecttonature #theresnowifiintheforestbutyouwillfindabetterconnection #gotoplacesthatmakeyouhappy

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#spirituality #connecttonature #meditation I read an article and it hit home for me. I want to share some of it with you. This is why I am fasting, the need to get connected to nature the universe and to be able to communicate with others. I meditate more, i read more, and listen to meditation soothing music. My workout is short, but I get it in nonetheless. This is my 17th day of my 45 day fast, I am feeling great, my clairvoyance is out of this world. I haven't felt more energized more connected to nature. Burning Sage with Thyme is a very good way to keep negative energy at bay. Both of them together is very powerful! "This is the third time I have filled this 21/2 gallon jug since I started this journey"! Have a Energized Day Family! Hotep! Nature surrounds us but we don’t see it. It talks to us but we don’t hear it. It radiates with joy and withdraws in fear but we don’t feel it. We have cut yourselves off from nature but don’t know it. Without nature we are not whole. The reality is our everyday lives have separated us from the natural world and it is showing. When you isolate a highly intelligent animal, such as a monkey or an Orca, from its natural environment it experiences depression and may exhibit pathological behavior. I believe many of the problems in our modern world are symptoms of our isolation from nature. If you look deep in your heart you know this is true. When we go outside we are renewed, the energy of the natural world restores us. For those of us that work or play in the natural world we feel it. That’s one reason we do what we do. But the truth is we only feel a trickle of what is possible. To truly experience the full force of nature you need to let it all go, you need to escape from your daily routine, your fast-paced life and busy mind, abandon your worldly possessions. You need to separate yourself from civilization and surround yourself with nature and just be. Simply exist and be present with an open heart, mind and soul. This was a part of the vision quest of native Americans. A ritual where individuals sought places of solitude, who fasted for days seeking a vision to help their people. A rite of passage.

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Mother Earth: The Root Chakra is the foundation of your energetic ‘house’. It draws energy from the Earth to nourish and energize your body. When the Root is compromised, the energy flow to the other chakras may be impacted as well. It is therefore essential to build a strong foundation to overall stability and health. #muladharamondays #thespiritualityofimperfection #notthatkindofgirl #karma #witch #connecttonature #motherearth #selfgarden #abuserecovery #stopdomesticviolence #endthesilence

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I like that play... a play with light shades and imagination... try it yourself #connecttoyourself #connecttonature #letallgoodthingshappen #acceptyourself

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In honor of Earth Day over the weekend... KANISHTHA MUDRA | Translation: Gesture of the Little Finger | Core Quality: Connection to the Earth | Especially Helpful For: Deepening your sense of embodiment + connection to the earth, reducing stress and high blood pressure, the health of the skeletal system, and supporting balanced elimination | Breath Focus: pelvic floor | Chakras Balanced: 1st, Muladhara | Doshas Balanced: Vata + Pitta | Systems Balanced: Skeletal + Eliminatory | Conditions Benefited: hypertension, reducing stress | Elements Activated: da erf . . . . . #kanishtha #mudra #mudramonday #mudraoftheweek #connect #connecttonature #connecttomotherearth #earthdaylove #earthdayeveryday #reducestress #livehealthy

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Having solitude time it's very important, although solitude is different from feeling lonely or alone, we need solitude to detach or unplug from our technological world, solitude is where the great ideas come from, when you are able to feel happy and content in solitude you are truly at peace with yourself, you are able to listen to nature and connect with the deepest part of you. #lovetimealone #bekind #solituderocks #bestill #livelifefully #wellbeing #listendeeply #connecttonature #healyourself #spirituallife #meditateinnature #deeperconnection #loveyoursef Stare in solitudine è bellissimo e anche molto importante, ma la solitudine e sentirsi soli done due cose diverse, la solitudine è quello che di da i meglio risultati i megli pensieri le meglie risposte a quella domande che nessun'altro ti può dare, quando sei capace di stare in solitudine allora sei arrivato alla pace che è proprio dentro te e connettersi con questa e molto benevolente alla tua anima. #connettareconlanatura #contenticonse #stareinpacedasoli #pensieriinfondi #amaresestessi #vitacalma #profondianime #vitaspirituale #meditazioniprofondi #rispettarsisestessi #meditazione

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