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I watched the whole video, and I kept telling myself "stay strong. If you cry I'll cry." Tina seemed so calm and at peace. I'm glad that she didn't break down, cause I would have been crying like crazy. Marcus and Bud, just kept their cool so easily. I am so proud of them, and I can't wait until All is Vanity comes out!!! #christinagrimmielegacy #CGforever #hollywoodaccess #beautiful

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#5 - CHRISTINA GRIMMIE In loving memory of Christina Grimmie (1994-2016) #photoshop #painting #mdpaguio #teamgrimmie #cgforever #christinagrimmie

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Amazing stuff is coming soon. Christina's album is coming your way June 2nd. As for now, go check out the Christina Grimmie Foundation at and donate if you can. If not, spread the word #christinagrimmiefoundation #christinagrimmie #cgforever #cglegacy

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I miss you beybi I wish I could meet ya in my dreamsssss #TeamGrimmie #TeamGrimmieForever #CGForever #ChristinaGrimmie

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credit to @therealgrimmie ,@happlesful ,@lauren.longo ,@grimmieinourhearts :Awhhh her song on the radio! #christinagrimmie #grimmie #christina #ripchristina #teamgrimmierawwks #ripchristinagrimmie @happlesful @jarayalae :Awww,i really miss her.. @cvgxlove4ever :Where's the whole video to this? @annafcohen :ughhhhhh I miss her so much @sophie.grimmie :Aww she so so cute!! @charizardbetweenworlds :So Cute! @kendratorgerson :Oh goodness she's adorable... It's not fair such a wonderful soul had to be taken so early... I miss her.. @fine_mess_72 :I always love to see how She reacted when her song was player on the radio. It's so sweet and genuine . Miss her so much. @amariaelena21.mb :Che carinaaa @joseey9449 :were do you find this video? @grimmieinourhearts @gonerrurie :I saw her on tour with Selena Gomez @inmemoryofchristinagrimmie :How i found this video on Youtube? It's amazing @seven.spoons :Omfg i love this video. I miss her so much, wish we can go back to that time :"( RIP angel. It made me tear up @farhanaiyl :awww I miss her so muchh.. I remember the first time she went on The Voice stage @barbarafairy21 :so cute ! I miss her so much

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2 years ago "Stay With Me" by @therealgrimmie and @iamdiamondeyes was released and is certainly my favorite song, happy #GrimmieThursday , this week was by far one of the most exciting and most bittersweet. I miss you so much Grimms . #ChristinaGrimmie #CGforever #ChristinaGrimmieFoundation #IWontBeInvisible

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