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#Progress Pink is ready for you and demands equality. Rosé may have a reputation for being sweet, but she's dry and not afraid to be herself. She works towards progress with a serious demeanor and a nose of strawberries, floral nectar, and summer days. 20% of our net profits are accelerating global progress towards women's equal participation in policy and leadership.

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We love how Dominique from @StyleDomination dressed up her white denim with our NuGlimpse Top in black and a pair of strappy heels.  Tag us in your #SympliStyle moments!  #Sympli #SympliYourWay #ColdShoulder #OOTD

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Catch myself and many other beautiful artists in Madera, participating in an all women's art show ️ hosted by @jemimahbarba Come by to see some rad art!! #123studios #localart #celebratewomen #RESILIENCE

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"Don't carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones." ____________________________________________ #Number35 #Number35Inspo #quoteoftheday #QOTD #HighHeels #Fashion #LondonDesigner #MadeinLondon #minimal #LuxuryFashion #Classic #Style #Elegance #WomenInBusiness #Contemporary #CelebrateWomen #Luxury #WomenEntreprenuers

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Våren och sommaren är äntligen på intåg och det firar By:Kelly med gott tilltugg, champagne och trevligt mingel, samtidigt som vi låter oss inspireras av vårens och sommarens trender. Varmt välkomna till vår kundkväll! @bykellystore

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Is to be Kamala Sohonie | Women in science! A true testament to resilience! Denied entry to study at IISc solely because she was a women. But at the age of 22 she continued to fight to be there and won! Becoming the first Indian women with a Ph.D in a scientific discipline. Her research was on the nutritional value of Neera consumed by the poorest people. #celebratewomen #womeninscience #womenpower #resiliance #kamalasohonie #definitiontribe

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Strong Women Lift Each Other Up. There may be a common stereotype that women don’t give enough support to other women. As a trekking community we know it’s just not true. In our world, women do help each other, and we go further and faster when we do. Literally to the summit and all the way back down to base. Most of this group of Amazing Trekkers began as first time hikers climbing Singapore's highest 'peak' - tiny Bukit Timah hill at 164m. Some never did any exercise when they began, some trained alone, with a friend or a family member. With the support of other women and loved ones, they have gone to conquer more challenging peaks like Mount Kinabalu, Mount Ophir/Gunung Ledang and Mount Batur. Yesterday, these 7 mountain explorers reached the summit of Mount Lambak together, constantly supporting one another and encouraging each other; offering a helping hand when needed. A huge number of women are already doing this, and all women can and should. There are many ways and things you can do today – and every day – to support the women you know and work with. Let's continue to inspire and encourage one another, lift each other up, and push ourselves to be our best selves. Women don’t have to support other women, but so many of us choose to because we know we’re better together. As women trekkers, we must celebrate each other’s accomplishments and achievements loudly and proudly. So what is your next peak challenge? Congratulations Ani Ahmad, Fadilah Ali, Shailaja Shetty (Sangita), Kiran Kashyap, Shaz Abbas and Rozi Laino. Under the leadership and guidance of our Club Vice President Shah Ahern (we ️ her) you reached your peak!

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Color opens our minds to a whole new world. • I was raised with the philosophy that life is black & white-no shades of gray or color. I don't fault how I was raised by a single mother holding at times three jobs to provide a roof, food, and clothing. No. My belief is she stopped seeing color by life's experiences; traumatic, painful and broken. • I saw color for the first time in college. What an amazing world it was. I challenged others often, but constantly failed, was misplaced and searched years for answers. "Why can't black and white exist? There can't be any color..." • I was ignorant. I was raised a way that didn't allow for color. Today though, I am blessed to teach others about "color", being heart strong and living a life you love. • "The heart is strong. Our minds are powerful. The world is a beautiful array of color." : @susanrkiley • • • #colors_of_day #celebratewomen #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #liveauthentic #shinebright #theauthenticfeeling #heartstrong #aresilientsoul #speakerlife #shebelievedshecould #hayhouse

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CN: Sexual assault • • • How do you change people's views about victim-blaming? If you haven't watched Kate Kay-Ryan's story yet - where she opens up about the impact sexual assault had on her life and her relationships and how powerful victim-blaming is in keeping survivors of sexual assault quiet while cloaking them in shame - watch it now. Her story is important and her words are powerful. Share it with others because words matter and it's up to all of us to change this world for the better. Watch via the link in profile.

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Today is the day!!! This evening is our #soldout #beautyinsideout event with phenomenal #femalefounders @claire.vero of @aureliaskincare , life coach @jacqueline_hurst_ , @theteadesigner of @quinteassential and @fiajc and @hmrmartin of , with @clairecohen1 of @telegraph Women and @spacenk. We will be discussing the meaning of #beautyinsideout , hearing about the founders' respective business journeys and as always, coming together to be inspired and inspire. We can't wait to see you all! Here's to championing #womenled business and sharing the stories of #femalerolemodels

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This is it loves! Getting ready for our holiday and packing up some glamorous swimwear and accessories. Who says mums can't be sexy?! Getting my holiday Vibes on. #photooftheday #potrait #mum #model #pose #postfortheaesthetic #positivevibes #celebratewomen #empoweringwomen #feelsexy

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