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Meet a fluffy friend from #Albany #Pets N Pals at Bunnies & #Books #storytime this Thursday, April 27, 10:00 at Northwest #Library , 2507 Dawson Rd. All ages welcome! Call 229-420-3208 for details. #libraries #librariesofinstagram #booksandbunnies #bookstagram #rabbit #animalsinthelibrary

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I've gotten a lot of questions about whether Izzy eats books. Yes, she does, which is why a lot of our books end up like this, with the corners nibbled on. Don't worry librarians, we keep the library books in a protected bin!

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Big day today: Easter and #socksunday plus "King sock Sunday" from #constantreaderchallenge #springkingfling and Happy Easter from #grimdragon #aprilbookchallenge It's also my daughter's 1st birthday today. I'm tired ya'll. #⃣ #books #bookstagram #stephenking #constantreader #bookchallenge #differentseasons #bunnysocks #booksandbunnies #ᴇᴀsᴛᴇʀ2017

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Happy Easter (if you celebrate) Additionally, I've been playing around with a fancy schmancy new camera lately, so look forward to (hopefully) higher quality pics!

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Someone help this bunny get up on the bookshelf!

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She's been sitting here with one foot on Wanda Gag's MILLIONS OF CATS for the last hour. Hard not to assume a Freudian implication here.

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I'm home after a super fun @hmhkids book tour, and now it's back to writing and bunny business!

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It's March Hare day for #springtalesandroses and as I love bunnies and I've collected quite a few bunny items, this might not be the only bun pic today. But in true bookstagrammer fashion when I saw these decorations at the store my first thought was what a cute prop they'd be for a book stack 🤷‍️ I eyeball everything as a potential photo prop these days Any good prop stories?

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Catching up on her New York Times, as a bunny does.

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Perfect book for reading to a bunny.

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