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Sam LorenZo • D O N T W O R R Y | The Movie • #VRSTY has hands down produced the best visuals in the DMV, no questions. Check out the movie in my bio, and follow @sam_lorenzo RIGHT now. ️ SHOWTIME . . .

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Take a leap of faith— get to class at 3:30.

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This July 17th-21st we are leading a summer day program at @collingwoodschool. ------------------------------------------------ Headed up by Distrikt Movement Co-Owner Jian Pablico and specifically designed for teens, the athletic portion this program focuses on functional movements, skill development, agility, mobility and strength conditioning by combining elements of Cross-Training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning. The youth leadership portion will focus on everything from goal setting and community engagement to exercises building confidence both on and off the playing field. The result is a holistic approach to achieving excellence in community, athletics and life. Led by: Jian Pablico & Varsity Initiative Instructors ------------------------------------------------ Open to all students entering grades 7-12. -link in the bio with more information

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TTYL Link in bio #VRSTY

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Back to schedule, @jianpablico 's holding it down today at 4:30pm

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DON'T WORRY OUT NOW // link in @sam_lorenzo bio. #VRSTY

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Interview, Midnight! LETS GO #DontWorrySeason #Crucifix #VRSTY

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1PM TODAY- these two are teaching a FREE varsity class at @pipeshop_venue. Get there. : @nicothebutcher

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No class today. Come to the art show @thedistrikt at 7pm to support @spaceshipssociety.

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#Crucifix is not intended to be blasphemous or mock anyone's beliefs. It is simply just an artist's outlook and perception. This short in depth project is about the love/hate, struggle, social interaction, temptations and victories of my generation. We are stuck in a fast-pace internet/tech driven society and I am merely an artist keeping it 100 with myself and my fans; while presenting my thoughts metaphorically with you in a fun and creative way and I hope you all enjoy. Link in my bio Sike nah it's still coming soon I got an interview coming out later this week explaining #TheCrucifix ️️️️ #VRSTY : @guzguz

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Me praying for you niggas careers, cuz after "Don't Worry" drop it's over for you guys sorry not sorry I'm Literally bout to crucify the rap game #VRSTY

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Get to class today at 4:30. @jianpablico is home & @lisa.evanss will be snapping a few pics for the Instagram

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It's all about what you do, not what you have.

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