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2 years ago today an #impd officer was slain in the line of duty. It was my first month in Indianapolis and I will never forget the love and respect that people had for this man and for his dedication to public safety. He put himself in the line of fire to protect the public that he served. So I'm calling on #saintmichael to protect all of your warriors now and forever. For there is #nogreaterlove than to lay down ones life for his friends #john1513 #RIPofficerRenn #PerryRenn #sanmiguel

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We also visited the Heroes of Public Safety section of the cemetery. Too many of of our officers have been laid to rest here in the past few years! #impd #thinblueline #perryrenn #rodbradway #jamesdavis #resteasy #eow #indianapolis #brothersinblue #alwaysgetoutoftherecar #crownhill

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Wearing my #iwillalwaysgetoutofmycar shirt in memory of officer #perryrenn today and thinking about all the great men and women in law enforcement. #dayofunity participating from California! #Indianapolis

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Meet #officer #PerryRenn . Shot and killed by a black man. Officer Renn was responding to a shots fired call. He was trying to protect a neighborhood he worked in. Never heard his name have you? He was shot in cold blood. Where are the #media where is the #public #outrage where are the #riots where are the #angry #mobs A good man died doing his job. It seems people have declared open season on cops. Officer Renn is not the first and sadly won't be the last. I do not blame these men and women for being worried about their lives and shooting to kill when they feel the threat of losing their lives. Do you expect them to lay down and die? Do not approach an officer in an aggressive manner. If stopped follow all directions. If you feel you were harassed it is not your job to fight back. That is how we all lose. That is why cops feel an overwhelming need to protect themselves. File a report go to the police station. I have done this myself but in the situation with the officer I did my best to be respectful even though he was wrong and was found to be so. And look I am still alive I wasn't beaten or arrested because I complied with what the officer asked of me.

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Just because I support #DarrenWilson does not make me #racist . Today I got on my Instagram and a black person had found a pic of me and my son and proceeded to insult a 13 year old child. That is racist. I have not said a negative word about #MikeBrown and I feel for his family. Still I do not believe he was #murdered . I chose not to insult anyone but I will show my #support for an #officer who had been tried and convicted in the press. Please don't #spread #hate #support what you believe in a respectable manner. Have some dignity about yourself. Blessed Be )0(

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I Will Always Get Out Of My Car. #PerryRenn #IMPD #indy #IMPDResolve

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Supporting #IMPD since I couldn't make it to the viewing or funeral for #officerrenn . Once you've been a member of public safety, that feeling of family doesn't go away and it hurts in a way that is difficult to describe to those who do not understand. #resteasybrother #endofwatch #perryrenn #lodd #stoptheviolence #indianapolis

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In remembrance of Officer Perry Renn #IMP #Indiana #Indianapolis #Officer #Remember

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