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Hey! I'm throwing a party tonight in Chicago with @djeddiev. No cover, cheap drinks and nothing but #Throwbacks . See you there! #FTDP

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Rocking out to today's #ftdp #cantstopwontstop

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Dylan and I listening to #FTDP on @1035kissfm with @fredonair & @angitaylorradio in the morning helped ease our rush hr traffic woes. #goodmorning #rushhour #radio #trafficjam #FBF #dance #carparty #ig_autism @ig_autism

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#nofilter . Finally 6 weeks over, what an #amazing life changing journey. Never thought I could do it back in Feb, but just have faith. Learnt so many life lessons and about myself. Thank you families and friends who believed and supported me, your calls and messages are greatly appreciated 🤗 #healthyfood #FTDP #HIIT 10.8kg lighter, #happier and looking at my world in a whole new #perspective thank you Ultimate You!

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I'm still shaking. Thank you @fredonair for giving me the opportunity to host the Friday Throw Back Dance Party this morning on @1035kissfm ! I'll never forget as an intern sitting in the studio as the first one played. We all knew this was going to turn into something special. Now back to work. This is just the start.. #FTDP

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When its 15 degrees outside and Sunday is prep day, gota love the oven heat final week of my challenge and been sticking to white meat all the way #healthyfood there have been many cravings and even in dreams but have not succumb to temptations! LETS GO #FTDP

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The best after week 1 of Ultimate You transformation program and Hanging Rock - complete relaxation in a flotation pod at the Rest House Float Centre @resthousefloat #ultimateyou #ftdp #solemotive #hangingrock

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What's trending in #Chicago ? #FTDP (Friday Throwback Dance Party) is! We have the greatest listeners! #frangifridays @fredonair @angitaylorradio @1035kissfm

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Have just finished making almond butter so so good! Check out my Insta stories for the how to Happy Day! X

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I don't think I will ever get used to this. Thank you to everyone who tunes in and tweets about it! #FTDP @1035kissfm @fredonair @angitaylorradio

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One of the many reasons I love #Chicago . You make my Friday every Friday. Congrats everyone! #ftdp

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Literally going through crates, searching for some tracks for this week's Friday Throwback Dance Party on @1035kissfm. #FTDP #vynil #Records #Crates

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Wednesday is mealprep day #healthyfood is worth it #FTDP

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Today dad moved into the nursing home. It's been a sad day and I'm usually full of positivity around what's possible with dad, but today I'm just sad. It feels like the beginning of the end and we all miss him terribly. The love between my mum and dad is something so beautiful and gentle, I have no words, but it moves me so much. Living a life with someone, and getting to love them until the very end is a one of the great privileges and great tragedies of being human. #PSP #FTDP #dementia #notalzheimers #dad #love

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