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Explore images taken at Portland, Oregon


When life's been rough but then you're reminded that you're loved ️ #happygirl #hermionetimeturnernecklace #harrypotter #mybestfriendsarebetterthanyours

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look what my amazing lil sis pulled off grats grace i love you

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When I had no roof I made Audacity my roof. When I had No supper my eyes dined. When I had no eyes I listened. When I had no ears I thought. When I had no thought I waited. When I had no father I made Care my father. When I had No mother I embraced order. When I had no friend I made Quiet my friend. When I had no Enemy I opposed my body. When I had no temple I made My voice my temple. I have No priest, my tongue is my choir. When I have no means fortune Is my means. When I have Nothing, death will be my fortune. Need is my tactic, detachment Is my strategy. When I had no lover I courted my sleep.

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two kitties

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А Орегон, оказывается, штат сакур. Они немного уже отцветают, но всё равно ещё красивые.

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Listen, flowers are great & all, but they've got nothing on foliage. #spring #foliage #gardening #garden #gardendesign #gardendesigner #portland #pdx

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ultralight beam

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Portland's Welcome Rainbow! #pdx

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That's one sleepy brindle bandit. Goodnight lil #piggy #tinyrick #frenchiesofig

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"No, don't smile just be angsty."

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