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Day number I don't know in April, I'm not at my goal but I'm a hell of a lot closer. Here's a note to all you parents that have kids who want to be goalkeepers. Well I'm starting a new Development Class in Bolton on Tuesdays from 6-7 and 7-8 pm I will only be taking 12 kids for these 2 hours so register now and don't be disappointed. You can do so by going to and select Registration form choose Bolton as your training location and that's it. We start in mid May and will train till the end of August. I guarantee you that your son or daughter will have the Basic Fundamental skills by the end of the summer. I always put my money where my mouth is. Make the right decision and get your training with Extreme Goalkeepers and train with Coach Riccardo Greco. #extremegoalkeepers #soccer #goalkeepers #goalkeepercoach #goalkeepertraining #greatdecision #gklife #maketherightchoice #egkdevelopment #getfit #gethealthy #gethealthywithme #getfitwithme #grateful

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REVIEW These candles are beautiful and so easy to control with the app. Wow so pretty. They look, feel and smell exactly like real candles but without the fire hazard. I downloaded the app and they connected with the new candles right away without going through the phone settings. You can control each candle individually and also as a group and then you can shut them off all at the same time. This is so awesome. You have a choice of any colour in the rainbow and and different patterns that are just so much fun. Plus you can set them up on your night table and have them come on when your alarm goes off. What a wonderful way to wake up every morning. All fun and no hazard. My only complaint with these is that they take 3 AAA batteries in each candle. Three candles may not be enough! . . . . #flamelesscandles #ledcandles #rainbowcandles #colourfullcandles #sunix #bluetoothcandle #Nexo -CA #batterycandles

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2 post. Sorry not sorry.

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So happy to have a park nearby where these two can hang out and get some fresh air and exercise in! #getoutside #lovemykids #mykidscrackmeup #proudmama #yorkregion #newmarket #ontario #playground #mrattitude

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Spread love Everywhere you go Let no one ever come to you Without leaving happier You were born to be real Not to be perfect.

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Low key photo shoots outside the wild wing

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Sushi heaven with my love

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Here's some inside info: if you ever want to bribe a Frog, using food is a good way to go about it Big thanks to @mrsvalbeck 's very talented mama for putting together this lovely and delicious fruit platter for us! 🥝

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make it nasty

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