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Listening to @mikebeez_ - 'Dedication Weezy [@DJLouieV Exclusive]' using @mymixtapez app #mymixtapez

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The perfect solution to sleeplessness!!...? #stephenking #audible #amazon #sleep #it #cantsleep #book

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#Repost @aurion_lko with @repostapp ・・・ Action-RPG for PC on Steam. Aurion Legacy of the Kori-Odan -------------------- First Cameroonian Vidéo Game inspired by African Culture 🇨🇲 #buyblack #pcgamer #Anime #otaku #Retrograming #gaming #gamedev #Game #esport #RPG #Talent #africa #cameroonian #Team237

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(Part 2) View Profile for full image :) #pier

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If it's broke, y'all better fix it! A big part of the slow fashion process for me now includes mending- a relatively new concept for me brought to my attention when I started working for @patagonia. For me, mending is a very meditative process. No two mends are the same. Mending has helped me figure out who I am with an artist, and it has led me to understand my clothing better. I now have a greater appreciation for the clothes that I wear, and I hope by sharing my stories (and offering my mending services to others) a bit of that appreciation can run off on someone else. Now, when I buy something, I promise myself that if in some way the function is compromised, I will find a way to fix it, in turn extending the life of the product and ensuring that the purchase is worth the resources it took to create it. I thank the person who made my clothes, I accept the damage to my clothing items as a sign of them being well-loved, and I vow to keep them around as long as possible // second-hand Patagonia shirt, mended by me. @fash_rev #ifitsbrokefixit #fashionrevolution

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