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I saw this tiny little brunch place a few days ago and decided I would give it a try this weekend to support small business. I was not expecting for it to have a line wrapped around the front when I got there this morning. Then we go inside and see that Guy Fieri was just there last month. Today I brought a small group and we ordered a few different meals and split it all up to make our own sampler. Regrettably I made a mess of things before I thought to take a picture but this is my sampler of the Crab Benedict, Garlic biscuits with thyme gravy, grits and an egg souffle. If you are dying to try something new and are in the mood for a creative selection I highly recommend trying out Se7en Bites. I enjoyed my experience and hope the hype from the show continues! #se7enbites #guyfieri #orlando #milkdistrict #eastorlando #brunch #fl #florida #breakfast #lunch #smallbusiness #localbusiness

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I'm in love with this place already. Diners drive -ins and dives comes through again.

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Sunday morning.

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Brunch time. This Sunday morning calls for @se7enbites #orlandofood

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Breakfast, lunch and dinner! Yummy!

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It took wayyyyy more than 7 bites to eat all of this!

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*as seen on TV* Crab cake Benedict and blueberry peach cinnamon roll. #DDD

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In honor of Liege-Bastogne-Liege, I present Bacon-Sausage-Bacon. #belgianwaffle #ripscarponi

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